Results of Which Social Bookmarking?

I asked Which Social Bookmarking? almost a month ago. I was looking for a service which:-

  1. is run on free software
  2. provides RSS feeds of new additions (pref. RSS-1, but any RSS is OK)
  3. provides all my bookmarks for download/backup in some easy format (even an HTML page would be fine)
  4. at least lets me view without javascript, so I can use my bookmarks from my smartphone easily

And the winner is… Rubric, which was recommended by Mark A Hershberger. For the moment, I’ve put my bookmarks on

Honourable mention to… Magnolia, which is probably the best major hosted service. An anonymous comment linked me to for the source code and I’ll believe them, although I couldn’t see the source code myself.

I was very cross with… Connotea, which is Nature’s one – I’d heard about this before but forgotten it and didn’t find it on my search. GNU GPL, OpenID login… it looked really good, but then, after I’d saved a few bookmarks on it, it sent me one of those flaming eyetests.

There were many other suggestions, which you can find in the comments on the previous post. I didn’t test everything, so I’d still welcome feedback on other bookmarking tools.

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