SPI May 2009

The monthly board meeting of Software in the Public Interest will take place on irc.oftc.net #spi tonight (Wed 20 May) at 20:00 UTC. The meeting announcement was posted and there are indeed minutes to approve, a financial report, and a report on official correspondence related to DebConf10.

For the 27th meeting in succession (feels like it anyway), I may be without a stable network connection during the meeting because I’ll be at another event, raising the FOSS banner for TTLLP while speakers tell everyone to proprietarise everything (based on the preview essays). Even so, watch the comments below this article for a link to the summary when posted.

In other news, the Koha foundation is still going through its birth pangs. I’ve suggested associating with SPI in the meantime, so the project could manage assets better, but it’s just not happening. I feel partly it’s due to misconceptions about SPI and its activities, but there also seems to be some blind faith in private companies. I heard a quote about the current UK Parliament crisis which seems relevant to the situation: “He is behaving as if he is just running this gentlemen’s club. What we need to do is ask people to be involved.”

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