Tricky question for a worker co-op: @CooperativeWave

This isn’t a problem which many companies have to deal with. It’s simple for lots of them: ignore things like climate change except when laws or public relations (or employee relations?) require otherwise. As far as the company is concerned, the aim is to make money.

Not so for the third sector. One of the cooperative principles is to “work for the sustainable development of our communities through policies approved by our members” (taken from Statement on the Co-operative Identity).

I think climate change is real, a threat to sustainable development and can be minimised by human action. But have I got policies approved by TTLLP members about it? Nope. There’s usually something more urgent to work on.

Not so for the co-operative group. They’re supporting The Wave in London on Saturday 5 December 2009 with subsidised transport and more. Will you be there? What do you think of it?

If you’re a “young people”, you can also make your views known at Play to Stop – Europe for Climate (the EU and MTV – together at last!).

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