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Adrift @coopsutd in @coopParty workshop

Sometimes I felt at home at Cooperatives United, like at the wonderful fringe dinner at Eighth Day last Thursday night. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed by the flood, like at the cooperative party workshop on Friday morning. The workshop addressed the … Continue reading

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Why is public and charity money paying for the private sector’s marketing?

The workshop I went to recently and the ICT Champions in general (“Website Under Development” – release early, anyone?) seem to be funded by public and charity money. As I mentioned, the worst thing was all the needless promotion of … Continue reading

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Making infrastructure organisations more resilient Taunton 20 March 2009

Last Friday, I spent most of the day at this NAVCA ICT event in Taunton. (There’s another similar one in York this Friday if you’re interested.) The event was a sandwich, with a Steve Bridger social media session as the … Continue reading

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The Phone Co-op Workshop AGM and Voice09

On Saturday (7 February), I should be attending both The Phone Co-op AGM and The Phone Co-op Members’ Workshop before it. I’ll be asking a question at the AGM, if we can get the wording nailed down in time. Sadly, … Continue reading

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