The Great British Broadband Speed Lie

I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone, but Ananova reports: No-one getting top broadband speeds based on the Ofcom/SamKnows/GfK research.

In the village where I live, our “up to 8Mbps” service is stable at about 4. As I mentioned previously, it will go faster, but it will break. Our end of the village is the “good” end. I’ve had reports that the other end of the village struggles to 384kbps. A point-to-point wifi link from the good end would be faster than the copper cables! This situation is incredible.

In general, things are slightly better for cable users – if you buy a 10Mbps service, you may well get 8. The result that really surprised me is “ISPs using ADSL1 who invest in network capacity are able to deliver speeds as good as ADSL2+ operators”. What does that means for where the bottleneck actually is and for all the expense of ADSL2+ equipment for both operators and consumers?

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