Thunderbird 3 Introduces Reply-To List

I’ve kept a page of email clients that support mailing lists for a while and it’s been a bit disappointing that I couldn’t suggest Mozilla Thunderbird or its freer derivatives (IceDove?) as good clients. They work fine in most other ways and it’s nice having something good that we can suggest to users on MacOS and Windows, but there was a long-standing bug requesting support for the List-Post header.

In an email discussion on ALUG‘s main list, a couple of people mentioned that Thunderbird 3 was released last week with a working “reply to list” command. This is excellent news, removing the need for the Reply To List add-on.

I hope we’ll see it in IceDove soon. Fantastic work. I wish it was in the release notes so we’d spotted it sooner. Now there is even less excuse for MUNGing the Reply-To header, even on lists where Windows users are present.

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