#ukgovoss and Poor gov.uk Websites

Using gov.uk websites is an ordeal at the best of time. Even the most polished websites tend to reflect the structure of the government body, which I find counter-intuitive – and I’m a councillor who pays attention to these things.

Few websites are polished though. Most don’t even seem to reach “competent”. After reports of 60% of UK government websites containing HTML errors and local government sites containing porn-links, there’s recently been reports about Birmingham City Council’s website costing nearly £3m and still not capable of basic features like apostophes. Have you got a horror story to top that?

Why does this keep happening? Good cooperatively-developed web applications and tech worker co-ops are available. I’ll be musing on this and other council-related topics over at Parish Councillor for FOSS for the next little while if you’d like to join me.

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