Python 3 and Backwards Compatibility?

A while ago, we had a big discussion in the about what programming language we should prefer when we have a completely free choice. Ultimately, while all the workers have our own favourites (like my Lisp and Perl bias), we decided we all like Python, with quite an affection for django.

One of the reasons for this was the backwards compatibility: Python has generally not broken everything when a new version appeared, as far as we’ve noticed. Compare that to the version hell which is still going on with PHP 4 and 5 on many of the major web hosting services – with PHP 3 to 4 being little better and PHP 6 already on the horizon threatening more of the same, as far as I know.

Now, Python 3 is around and takes a leaf out of PHP’s upgrade HowNotTo, being “designed from the get-go to be incompatible with prior versions”. Should I expect Python to handle this upgrade better than PHP and, if so, why? I guess the mod_wsgi ability to run multiple Pythons is one help. What other helpful tricks are ready-to-run?

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