Welcome Back

I’m back. Where have I been? I was in Portishead, Plymouth and Taunton in Co-operatives Fortnight back in late June/early July. I seemed to spend July flat out with work trying to catch up again, then I fell ill just as I caught up (soon after cycling a 40-mile round trip to Portishead, but that wasn’t the cause) and spent the rest catching up again. The last two weeks, I’ve been busy travelling around internationally (some work, some sight-seeing), then catching up again.

Of course, this has meant that other members of our co-op have been helping my clients more than usual, so haven’t written here either.

But now I’m back on schedule again, clearing the backlog and writing a few things here. I’ve quite a stack of things to write here. I’ll pace myself and I’ve some news to post first. This week is getting back into Koha again. It’s good to be back on track.

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