Nestle Boycott 20th Anniversary

It’s the 20th anniversary of the Nestle Boycott this week. The theme is “Change Nestlé, Change the World”. This is one of few boycotts that I wholeheartedly support and participate in.

While reading a report from the NI cooperative, I learnt of a new outrage by Nestle. Over in Canada, Wellington Water Watchers document a Nestle plant that is (as I understand it), taking drinking water for free, bottling it as “Aqua Fina”, trucking it to cities and selling it. (Thanks to whoever it was gave me the WWW link – I didn’t find the email, so please claim it in a comment if you want it.)

You may remember that when Coca-Cola tried to do the same by selling contaminated Kent tap water as “Dasani”, it was widely ridiculed as Peckham Spring. Finally, “Dasani” was withdrawn from sale. It’s disappointing that Nestle’s Peckham Spring seems to be on sale in Canada, at a lower “manufacturing” cost than Coke’s UK one.

Do we really want multinationals selling us our tap water in an inefficient way? No. Boycott Nestle.

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