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In Berkeley or Boston? Want to work for a co-op?

Our four comrades over at Quilted co-op are looking for a new worker-owner, either a project manager, a developer (Drupal, WordPress, Rails, Perl and/or PHP), or a designer based in Berkeley or Boston. The eventual plan is to all be … Continue reading

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PHP mime_content_type Alternatives In Debian 5.0

We were called in to help someone with a failing file upload feature on a PHP website. It turned out that we’d recently upgraded their server to debian 5.0 and the mime_content_type() PHP function was no longer available. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Python 3 and Backwards Compatibility?

A while ago, we had a big discussion in the software.coop about what programming language we should prefer when we have a completely free choice. Ultimately, while all the workers have our own favourites (like my Lisp and Perl bias), … Continue reading

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Plesk open_basedir and PEAR: the missing step

I hate the Plesk server control panel webapp but our webmaster cooperative still maintains one (but only one) server that uses it. That non-free software means that it’s under our “limited support agreement” which essentially says “you understand that the … Continue reading

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