What was in my Nutsack? (from Lug Radio Live)

The notorious nutsack (cc-by-2.0)

The conference pack for LugRadioLive was called a “nutsack” for some reason (anyone know why?). It seems like a pretty good pack, as far as these things go.

First of all, it’s a durable paper bag, so much greener than plastic. It contained:

  • the event programme/schedule
  • a LUGRADIO LIVE badge which I only discovered when I tipped the bag out,
  • a key-shaped yahoo keyring – I don’t know what it’s meant to symbolise and I already have one far-too-big novelty keyring – seems like a total waste of metal
  • UKUUG t-shirt with amusing slogan on the back and a membership application form – tempting, especially since AFFS seems to be idling since I quit and ORG is a self-perpetuator AFAICT
  • flier for PyCon UK 12-14 Sep 2008 Birmingham
  • subscription form for the £50/year Linux Magazine
  • flier for LinuxPro Magazine’s conference streaming which says “no special software is required”. Well, users actually have a choice of Java, MPlayer, Real, WindowsMediaPlayer or anything else which can view an Ogg Theora stream, which is pretty good, but not quite “no special software”. ffplay seemed unhappy in my first tests, with errors like “[vorbis @ 0xb7dbc430]Not a Vorbis I audio packet.
    [theora @ 0xb7dbc430]Warning, unsupported keyframe coding type?!
    [theora @ 0xb7dbc430]Header packet passed to frame decoder, skipping” which I’ll follow up RSN, unless any kind soul knows how to fix that.
  • a bytemark pen – always handy to advertise a decent hosting company at people in business meetings, but I don’t think it’s refillable, so that’s not going to last long,
  • a fun goodbye postcard from Birmingham Perl Mongers to LugRadio – it’s actually a digital photo print, which seems a really good idea that I’ve not seen done before
  • CDs of ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition (oh well) and openSUSE 11.0 (oh dear)

All in all, smarter than your average conference pack… or am I just thinking that because it looks a bit like a picnic?

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