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The Phone Co-op AGM 2009

Yesterday I phoned into The Phone Co-op AGM 2009 and heard the reports, most of which you can read in the PDF annual report from the AGM website. There were also various questions from members, which I scribbled down as … Continue reading

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Top 8 J2ME MIDP Applications

Well, in line with the Do Not Drive from the local police (and one from Gloucestershire), I’ll be phoning in to ThePhoneCoop AGM today and doing a bit of work from home. While preparing for the journey that never was, … Continue reading

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The Phone Co-op Workshop AGM and Voice09

On Saturday (7 February), I should be attending both The Phone Co-op AGM and The Phone Co-op Members’ Workshop before it. I’ll be asking a question at the AGM, if we can get the wording nailed down in time. Sadly, … Continue reading

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Reject the Term Extension Directive

One of the most frustrating things about Copyright Expansion is that it’s being driven through at international levels, far away from most of the people that it affects. When we try to contact our international representatives, such as national government … Continue reading

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Annual Reports Finished for Now

So now our annual reports have been submitted. Despite the problems with the tax office mentioned in that article, it all seems to have come together just in time. In general, we’re in pretty good shape at the moment. I … Continue reading

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