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Dump the Disconnect Law!

After all the U-turns by politicians, I got confused about how Three Strikes is developing. I think the current status is Mandelson trying to sneak it through as a Statutory Instrument and protect some of the most protectionist foreign interests … Continue reading

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PHP mime_content_type Alternatives In Debian 5.0

We were called in to help someone with a failing file upload feature on a PHP website. It turned out that we’d recently upgraded their server to debian 5.0 and the mime_content_type() PHP function was no longer available. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Pulling One File From a Plesk Backup

I won’t repeat my frequent anti-Plesk rant, but suffice to say: it’s a pain. For some reason, we wanted one file back out of a backup. It took me a few minutes to realise it, but Plesk’s backups are essentially … Continue reading

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