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A Question of Debian ClamAV, Freshclam and Volatile

I’m not a big fan of virus-scanning on the mailservers (I think you should bolt your email-sending computers right down so that viruses and spambots can’t send email), but it seems to be a necessity these days. So, I was … Continue reading

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Cooperatives-SW Board and Housing Enquiry, Bristol, 6 April 2009

With our AGM in Plymouth rescheduled until June or July, the Cooperatives-SW board will meet in Bristol on Monday. Cooperatives-SW aims to represent co-operative and mutual enterprises in the region. As with previous meetings, if you’d like to meet up … Continue reading

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You’re a Damn Fool

As usual, the TTLLP office will open noon ’til mid-evening on 1 April. I’ve already noted one thing on that might be an April Fool’s joke (surely it’s not real) and we’ve enough to do without double-checking everything we’re … Continue reading

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