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Tools for Group Administration of Debian Systems?

I’m sure there must be lots written about group system administration, but it doesn’t seem to be written in either the FAQ, the reference or even the venerable FDL’d SAG, so I hope it’s not a(nother) completely silly question. As … Continue reading

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Making infrastructure organisations more resilient Taunton 20 March 2009

Last Friday, I spent most of the day at this NAVCA ICT event in Taunton. (There’s another similar one in York this Friday if you’re interested.) The event was a sandwich, with a Steve Bridger social media session as the … Continue reading

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SPI March 2009

The monthly board meeting of SPI will take place on #spi tonight (Wed 18 March) at 20:00 UTC. Members may have seen that the meeting announcement was posted, but a bit late and with a misleading subject line. This … Continue reading

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Paralysed Perl Package Problem

With any luck, someone has seen this problem before and can fix it easily. I don’t seem to be able to find the fix by searching, but the search terms feel like they’re either too general or too specific. I … Continue reading

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What’s So Social About Social Enterprise?

Conference This afternoon, I’ll be at What’s So Social About Social Enterprise? in Bristol. In general, I’ll be trying to support the idea that TTLLP and cooperatives in general are necessarily social enterprise. I may ask a few questions about … Continue reading

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ippimail to close – what now for friendly webmail?

I was disappointed to read that ippimail announced “the closure of the ippimail project […] barring a miracle we will take the site down at noon on the 1st May 2009, UK time.” I first covered the ippimail social enterprise … Continue reading

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