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Creating a co-operative Open Data standard

I attended the “Creating a co-operative Open Data standard” event in Manchester, yesterday. Organized by Co-operatives UK, Open Data Manchester, and Co-operative News, the event brought together a range of people with helpfully diverse areas of expertise and motivation. I found … Continue reading

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Help with co-op development? Don’t ask here

The blog is back. We’ve moved it to our new blog hosting (please contact us if you’d like us to host your blog – or if you spot a problem with our blog), so the adverts are gone and I’m … Continue reading

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#coops14 continues: Guardian, Facebook, Cyberunions and Breakfast

Thanks to the Guardian for publishing Why co-operatives matter written by two members of our co-op. Also today, I’m pictured being given a share by Giles Simon of our national co-ordinating co-op on the Co-operatives Fortnight Facebook page. I’m not … Continue reading

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Co-operatives Fortnight and Congress 2011 (#coops14 and #cc11)

It’s Co-operatives Fortnight until 9 July and our co-op is supporting many events: This afternoon (Wednesday 29 June), we’ll be at Co-operative lending and ethical investment in Bristol; Tomorrow, we’ll be at a Co-operative Business Breakfast in Glastonbury; Next Friday, … Continue reading

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Standing for election, times 2 or 3, plus public access wifi

It’s a bit quiet on this blog recently because I’m busy with lots of non-software tasks, including: I am standing for election to the UK Worker Co-operative Council. Thank you to software.coop for the nomination and help. Voters can ask … Continue reading

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#Budget11 – one #coops response

I’ve posted #Budget11 – one #coops response on UK.coop because it’s a bit long and I doubt many of the people reading this through software-related sites will want to read it. If you’re interested in UK co-ops and the budget, … Continue reading

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General Election 2010

You may have noticed that the UK votes in a General Election tomorrow. It looks like the closest for at least 18 years and maybe more. Happily, all the major parties are saying nice things about cooperatives, but I wonder … Continue reading

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The Phone Co-op 2010

Ed Mayo talking to the Phone Co-op meeting Yesterday I had the pleasure to be at the Phone Co-ops annual meeting, as those of you who follow me on identi.ca or elsewhere will already know. The proceedings included a speech … Continue reading

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Consumers, Boycotts and Cooperatives

A couple of days ago, daniel stone: boycott insanity compared Boycott Novell to “people on the street shouting at the sky about the government.” Previously, I’ve explained here why I think Boycotts are consumers doing judo on corporations and it’s … Continue reading

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Enterprise Hubs, Societies, Newsletter and AGM

Cooperatives-SW (which I’m currently helping to direct) has been approved for Co-operative Enterprise Hub funding for 2009. Well done to Viv and the rest of the hard-working team who have been doing miracles for co-ops in this region with relatively … Continue reading

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