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Enemies of Digital Economy Workers: the TUC

The Trade Union Congress’s chief executive recently came out in the crazy position of sharing a platform with the British Phonographic Industry (and why are they still relevant? What is the market share of phonographs now?) and supporting the much-hated Digital Britain guilty-without-trial “three strikes” disconnect measures.
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Co-ops at the North Somerset Initiative

On Wednesday, I went to a meeting of the Business Initiative for North Somerset for Cooperatives-SW (our regional cooperative cooperative). It was the first time anyone from the cooperative and mutual sector was present. Conference Bank of England The first … Continue reading

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SPI March 2010

The meeting agenda is already posted for tonight’s (Wednesday’s) SPI board IRC meeting which will be at 2000 UTC. It’s another pretty lean meeting, with only some minutes to approve, so why not come along and let the board know … Continue reading

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Paypal and Ethical Business

DoctorMO is calling Paypal the Pocketing Police after this “Paypal […] decided we were scammers and took our money” comment by Daniel Stone during the Xorg foundation election discussions. Our co-op has avoided Paypal for a number of years for … Continue reading

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The Co-operative Development Review: a call for evidence

Cooperatives-UK Chief Executive Ed Mayo has asked Robin Murray to undertake a brief review of the potential for expansion of co-operation in the UK, and the infrastructure necessary to support it. The review is intentionally wide ranging. It covers areas … Continue reading

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Fairtrade Fortnight 2010: Fairtrade and IT

We’re in the middle of Fairtrade Fortnight and it seems like the most advertised one yet, with Cadbury’s adverts joining the push of this year’s “big swap” theme: replace some of the stuff you’d usually buy with Fairtrade alternatives. For … Continue reading

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