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Standing for election, times 2 or 3, plus public access wifi

It’s a bit quiet on this blog recently because I’m busy with lots of non-software tasks, including: I am standing for election to the UK Worker Co-operative Council. Thank you to software.coop for the nomination and help. Voters can ask … Continue reading

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Best Email Server Features

I’m putting together a list of email server features that you should look for. I’m thinking: Transport Layer Security support – this successor to SSL means that your connection will be encrypted. You want this so that your email and … Continue reading

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Dump the Disconnect Law!

After all the U-turns by politicians, I got confused about how Three Strikes is developing. I think the current status is Mandelson trying to sneak it through as a Statutory Instrument and protect some of the most protectionist foreign interests … Continue reading

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Karoo Chooses to Start Three-Strikes

You may remember that I did some work last year campaigning against the “three strikes and you’re out” disconnect system, where suspected filesharers are disconnected from the internet after the third allegation is made. That’s allegation, not any sort of … Continue reading

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The Great British Broadband Speed Lie

I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone, but Ananova reports: No-one getting top broadband speeds based on the Ofcom/SamKnows/GfK research. In the village where I live, our “up to 8Mbps” service is stable at about 4. As … Continue reading

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Environmental Policies and Computing

I’ve not written about this for a while, but I’ve just started seeing Apple’s Greenwash adverts, so I went and found the latest Greenpeace electronics report which says: “Apple’s score increases slightly to 4.3 points, but the company drops to … Continue reading

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Broadband Service Changes at ThePhoneCoop

It’ll be going out as a letter anyway, but broadband users who have usernames containing @phonecoop may like to read the announcement about changing uplink suppliers. There have been some other changes at The Phone Co-op which I’m asking about … Continue reading

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The Phone Co-op: interview, phorm, challenges

Among other things, my webmaster cooperative is an agent for the Phone Co-op. Particularly with Free Software, cost-efficient ways of downloading data is a good companion service to have and the Phone Co-op has given a good ADSL and calls … Continue reading

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