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Top 10 Crimes of Developer Engagement: a common problem?

savs seemed to agonise about posting it but I think his Top 10 crimes of Developer Engagement is spot on even if it might not be as amusing as Aral Balkan’s similar message. I think it applies to my recent … Continue reading

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Dump the Disconnect Law!

After all the U-turns by politicians, I got confused about how Three Strikes is developing. I think the current status is Mandelson trying to sneak it through as a Statutory Instrument and protect some of the most protectionist foreign interests … Continue reading

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Who wikis Who in British Librarianship

It’s great to discover this experimental wikified version of W. A. Munford’s Who was Who in British Librarianship 1800-1985 (1987). As a statistician who has strayed into serving libraries, I don’t know many of the famous names and a lot … Continue reading

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US Defense or Sirsi-Dynix – which is more credible?

Most librarians probably already know this, but maybe the programmers don’t yet. A SirsiDynix Corp lobby paper against Open Source technologies escaped onto the internet. SirsiDynix is a competitor of our co-op with products that compete with Koha. They’re also … Continue reading

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ssh with unstable and mobile clients

Revisiting two old ssh points:- Smart Tricks with ssh mentioned ServerAliveInterval 3600 and the page I referenced for it mentions ClientAliveInterval on the server-side. Is there any reason not to use that? ssh security mentioned sslh to put ssh on … Continue reading

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Cookies: Ask Me Every Time – by law?

SME Web – Internet advertisers: New cookie laws approved: reports that: “internet users will have to provide consent to cookies being stored on their computers. This could result in them being bombarded with pop-ups seeking their permission to accept the … Continue reading

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A browser tip I should have known before…

I knew that / (slash) activated the Quick Find in Firefox and its close relations, but I didn’t know that ‘ (apostrophe) activated a Quick Find (in links). That’s quite helpful when jumping through web admin interfaces where I know … Continue reading

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Congratulations Peter Marks, UK Business Leader of the Year

As well as being a member of TTLLP, I’m a member of the Co-operative Group, which (amongst other things) runs the co-operative shops in areas where there is no regional cooperative society, including Weston-super-Mare and Worle. Congratulations to our Chief … Continue reading

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SPI November 2009

An announcement for this meeting just dropped into my inbox with “Apologies for the lateness of this announcement; some crossed wires”. It will be in #spi of as usual, at 2000 UTC. The agenda is available online and someone … Continue reading

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PDF: how can we avoid over-using Pretty Difficult Files for citizens?

With the more political/government side of my work for our co-op, I often send emails like this:
“Please can you resend the information as plain text, ISO OpenDocument, html, PDF or something else standardised? can load most Microsoft Office and save as ISO OpenDocument and PDFs. If you’re stuck … Continue reading

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