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Standing for election, times 2 or 3, plus public access wifi

It’s a bit quiet on this blog recently because I’m busy with lots of non-software tasks, including: I am standing for election to the UK Worker Co-operative Council. Thank you to software.coop for the nomination and help. Voters can ask … Continue reading

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Best Email Server Features

I’m putting together a list of email server features that you should look for. I’m thinking: Transport Layer Security support – this successor to SSL means that your connection will be encrypted. You want this so that your email and … Continue reading

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Audio Processing Tips for ffmpeg

I did some sound file mangling earlier this week. I’ve been using the Bambuser app for Symbian recently to capture some recordings. If you tell their site your User-Agent is a mobile browser, it’ll work OK with free software – … Continue reading

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Welcome Back

I’m back. Where have I been? I was in Portishead, Plymouth and Taunton in Co-operatives Fortnight back in late June/early July. I seemed to spend July flat out with work trying to catch up again, then I fell ill just … Continue reading

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On The Road, #online09 and #koha

It was great to meet the newest member of our co-op yesterday and discuss a new ethical business referral network, but I’ve barely spent any time back at home and I’m heading out again, partly to visit online09 and IMS, … Continue reading

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ssh with unstable and mobile clients

Revisiting two old ssh points:- Smart Tricks with ssh mentioned ServerAliveInterval 3600 and the page I referenced for it mentions ClientAliveInterval on the server-side. Is there any reason not to use that? ssh security mentioned sslh to put ssh on … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Un-selling Books

I’ve been reading ebooks for years, since I had a Palm IIIe. It’s probably approaching ten years, looking at the sale date of the IIIe. Now I read them on my mobile phone (see app 7). One common thread all … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Directory: In Public Between Non-Consenting Adults and Children

My communications connection According to the BBC, a mobile phone directory enquiry service launches today. If you’ve ever had a marketing call to your mobile, your number is probably on this database. It’s very difficult to remember to ask every … Continue reading

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Top 8 J2ME MIDP Applications

Well, in line with the Do Not Drive from the local police (and one from Gloucestershire), I’ll be phoning in to ThePhoneCoop AGM today and doing a bit of work from home. While preparing for the journey that never was, … Continue reading

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Connecting from the k608i with SSL

The mobile phone I travel with is pretty good and I use JabberMixClient to instant message from it. Version 2.1 finally got rid of the avatar-replacement bug, so I only wanted to solve my inability to make an SSL connection … Continue reading

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