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Bristol Social Enterprise Summit Consultation

Last Thursday, I went to the Social Enterprise summit regional workshop that I mentioned. Apparently, SEC are hoping that ministers Mandelson, Purnell, Byrne and Blears will be at the summit, along with people from various famous co-ops. I took along … Continue reading

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What do you want to tell a Social Enterprise Summit?

There is a Social Enterprise summit in London in May with As part of representing TTLLP to Cooperatives-SW, I will be at a regional workshop this afternoon “to enable the sector to input the summit”(?). More detail is available … Continue reading

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UK Budget Day 2009 and other days…

The UK Budget is out. I’m pretty disappointed for TTLLP – the headlines for business look rather unhelpful to our co-op. It supports loss-making businesses – keeping our unsustainable competitors in business for longer, it spreads business rate up-rating – … Continue reading

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Legal aspects of FOSS in the enterprise

Raphael Bauduin emailed me to say that he’s organising an event for Profoss: “(28 april in Brussels) will take a look at legal aspects of the use of FOSS in professional environments. It will bring interesting information for most … Continue reading

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KohaCon09 remotely

Irma and Bob of CALYX information essentials wrote in: “For those interested and not able to participate in the KohaCon 09 action in Plano. Some conferees are Twittering: Cover it live or pipes. Some are blogging Some again are having … Continue reading

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SPI April 2009

The monthly board meeting of Software in the Public Interest will take place on #spi tonight (Wed 15 April) at 20:00 UTC. The meeting announcement was posted, but a bit late, so there’s another discussion about that going on … Continue reading

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Do Some Good on Good Friday

from BloggersUnite resources It’s Good Friday and even if you don’t believe the stories, maybe you’d like to do some good today. Here are some things you might want to support:- Earth Day 22 April 2009 – the two-year Green … Continue reading

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Switched over to LLU and ADSL-2+

A couple of months ago, I switched over to ThePhoneCoop’s LLU package. The new service is good so far. The ADSL is blazingly fast (I wonder if it will remain so good) and the main drawbacks so far are a … Continue reading

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Why is public and charity money paying for the private sector’s marketing?

The workshop I went to recently and the ICT Champions in general (“Website Under Development” – release early, anyone?) seem to be funded by public and charity money. As I mentioned, the worst thing was all the needless promotion of … Continue reading

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Cooperatives in the New York Times

“NCBA invites you to pick the Monday, April 6th edition of the New York Times to check out the front section for a very special advertorial on cooperative business. NCBA will receive a copy of the Advertorial to place on … Continue reading

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