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World Economic Forum 2010

It still doesn’t seem to be getting the coverage, but this is the sixth year that I’ve written about the World Economic Forum, which is basically where large corporations try to tell governments how to rule their populations, as described … Continue reading

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Critical Eye: Google, China, DNS and an Event

My Google Bugs page started off as a blog post back in 2006, but I’ve moved it to a more permanent home and started to bring it up to date. Recent additions include the China Controversy updated, a recent search … Continue reading

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Home Access Scheme or Hope Abandoned to Scandal?

After its puff by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in newspapers and his podcast (mp3 file link) I’ve had a few people asking about the Home Access Scheme where families apply for a package from a closed list of six suppliers of new PCs, software and internet access. No … Continue reading

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In Berkeley or Boston? Want to work for a co-op?

Our four comrades over at Quilted co-op are looking for a new worker-owner, either a project manager, a developer (Drupal, WordPress, Rails, Perl and/or PHP), or a designer based in Berkeley or Boston. The eventual plan is to all be … Continue reading

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Get the Survey Monkey Off Your Back

I’ve been asked why I dislike surveymonkey surveys, I don’t want to reply fully in that forum (because it’s off-topic there) and I want to publish this for your feedback now. surveymonkey really frustrates me. In short, it’s often confusing, … Continue reading

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Unable to Register .CN Domains

Our co-op registers domain names for others. Like most registrars, we now cannot register Chinese (.cn) domains. There’s a bit of background discussion on WebmasterWorld. While it’s always disappointing to offer fewer services, I don’t think we’ve ever registered a … Continue reading

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The Koha Company-go-round

While I was under snow last week, the world saw a flurry of Koha company news. We found out that PTFS is to acquire LibLime and ByWater Solutions and BibLibre are partnering for the U.S. With the past ByWater Solutions … Continue reading

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Gnus added to List-friendly Mail Clients

It’s nice to see that Emacs isn’t being outdone since Thunderbird 3 Introduced Reply-To List: Alok G. Singh got in touch and pointed me at Gnus’s support for List-* headers. I’ve updated my page of email clients that support mailing … Continue reading

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SPI January 2010

A clear announcement went out in plenty of time and the meeting agenda is already posted for Wednesday’s SPI board IRC meeting which will be at 2100 UTC (an hour later than recently). As I write this, it’s a pretty … Continue reading

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Anyone with TLC for Mac VLC?

VLC is free and open source portable media player software that supports a lot of formats and inputs and can also convert and stream. I think it’s been pretty useful for users who didn’t like MPlayer for whatever reason. Nicole … Continue reading

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