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Top 10 Benefits of Mailing List Software

Particularly around local government, but also some not-for-profits and universities, I’m trying to persuade people to stop using huge Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) lists that they keep in their address book and switch over to using mailing list manager software. … Continue reading

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SPI May 2011

Software in the Public Interest (the organisation behind debian and many more) will hold a public board meeting later today (Wednesday) at 20:30 UTC (=21:30 BST, 22:30 CEST or date -d @1305145800 to you). SPI meetings are held in #spi … Continue reading

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Standing for election, times 2 or 3, plus public access wifi

It’s a bit quiet on this blog recently because I’m busy with lots of non-software tasks, including: I am standing for election to the UK Worker Co-operative Council. Thank you to for the nomination and help. Voters can ask … Continue reading

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