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International Development Webcast 30 September 2008

At 1900 BST tonight (30 September), you can take part in an international development webcast by one of my cooperatives, with guests from the Cooperative College, the International Cooperative Alliance and the Cooperative and Policy Alternative Center. Sadly, they’re still … Continue reading

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Demutualised Building Society Survival Hits Rock Bottom

Our webmaster cooperative is just switching from a building society to a cooperative bank because of support for free software and web standards in their online banking – I’ve just given up waiting for it. That’s disappointing, but the building … Continue reading

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Another Wednesday, Another Joe-Job

Yesterday, another of our mailboxes got joe-jobbed, just like last week. Again, it was one of our Exim servers (yes, one got done along with a qmail last week). Again, it was an address that should never appear as the … Continue reading

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Stop Software Patents

Today is the World Day Against Software Patents – 24 September. If you’ve not already signed the petition, go do it now, please. Especially if you’re in Europe, but also if you’re in the US or other swpat-suffering nation. Programs … Continue reading

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Report on Shape the future of social enterprise in the South West 4 Sep 2008

I went to this event a few weeks ago. The immediate outcome is the call for expressions of interest in RISE-SW’s projects. The deadline is next Monday (29th September) at 12 noon, so get emailing if you’re interested in them. … Continue reading

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Lots of Days: Software Freedom, British Food and World Peace

Today is Software Freedom Day. It is also the start of British Food Fortnight. (Tip to total coverage cooperative.) There is an open day 11-3 at Thatchers Cider, near here in Sandford. (To get there from Worle by bike, leave … Continue reading

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Spam Revenge: Stopping Joe-job Floods in qmail

Myself and a colleague were both getting Joe-jobbed yesterday. I had an easy time telling Exim to reject mine at SMTP time, but the colleague receives mail on our only Plesk server, so it’s using qmail. I’ve noticed before that … Continue reading

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Software in the Public Interest

There should be a board meeting at 1900 UTC in #spi on, according to the last meeting. There’s no announcement or agenda online at the time of writing. (If only you’d elected me…) Hopefully, a meeting will decide on … Continue reading

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Software Freedom Day: Sat 20 Sep 2008

Lucy Bridges writes: “Saturday 20th September is Software Freedom Day [1]. As many of you will know, this is a worldwide event designed to promote software freedom. I am proud to announce that Manchester Free Software (like many other groups … Continue reading

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Web Foundation and While I Was Out

I concentrated on work after my return to the keyboard last week and then spent much of the weekend reroofing a shed, so today was my first day catching up with the news. Here’s what I noticed:- One of my … Continue reading

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