2009 Software in the Public Interest Board Election

It’s the SPI annual meeting tonight at 2000 UTC (2100 UK). Once again, I’m elsewhere (probably still out after Somerset Cooperative Services CIC AGM in the day and North Somerset Cycle Forum at 5.30pm), but I’ll try to connect to the SPI IRC from a mobile device.

“There are two potential new associated projects to vote on (OSUNIX and Open64), plus reports from the secretary and treasurer, one set of minutes to approve, and a bit of discussion of the currently ongoing SPI election. One board member has sent tentative regrets.” (Jimmy Kaplowitz)

Like it says, there’s a currently ongoing SPI election. At the time of writing, there aren’t even enough nominations.

As I’ve written elsewhere, I’m concentrating on co-ops this year, so I’d like to see another candidate pledge to anonymise SPI votes (the election votes are stored indefinitely at present), talk to members and the wider community more and help SPI actually publish its annual report. It would also be good to see candidates from a variety of the supported projects: debian, Drupal, Fresco, freedesktop.org, Gallery, GNUstep, GNU TeXmacs, The HeliOS Project, madwifi.org, OFTC, OpenOffice.org, OpenVAS, OpenWrt, Open Voting Foundation, PostgreSQL, Privoxy or Tux4Kids.

Nominations need to be in by the 13th. Would you stand?

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