#Budget11 – one #coops response

I’ve posted #Budget11 – one #coops response on UK.coop because it’s a bit long and I doubt many of the people reading this through software-related sites will want to read it. If you’re interested in UK co-ops and the budget, click through to read points including:

  • it’s a mixed bag for co-op members and not really clear if we win or lose. The BBC reckons individuals will lose about £400 on average.
  • Basically, the business measures which I can understand are bad for co-ops and seem to be aimed at private businesses, but some of the other things might be useful.
  • Co-operatives UK general secretary Ed Mayo asked for changes to employee share ownership annual tax concessions, easier starts for co-operatives and encouragement for grassroots successes. I don’t see any of those in this budget. Do you?

Comment here or there, as you prefer. I’ll read both every day or so for the next little while.

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