Consumers, Boycotts and Cooperatives

A couple of days ago, daniel stone: boycott insanity compared Boycott Novell to “people on the street shouting at the sky about the government.”

Previously, I’ve explained here why I think Boycotts are consumers doing judo on corporations and it’s still on the Boycott Novell About page. I people who boycott companies to those who just complain about them while so-called-engage with them.

Hopefully, daniel stone is just unhappy with the IRC spew (which I’ve also criticised in the past) but that’s not clear to me. That IRC spew doesn’t seem much worse than stuff I’ve seen in other projects’ channels – the main difference with BoycottNovell is that they seem to publish all of it to a blog, which really doesn’t seem smart.

On a related boycotts/consumers note, Ed Mayo, previously of New Economics Foundation and Consumer Focus, has been named as the new Chief Executive of Co-operatives UK. TTLLP is a CUK member and even though I’m sceptical after Digital Britain, at least Ed Mayo’s blog is running on free and open source software. Let’s see what happens.

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