Disaster Recovery, Local Strategic Partnerships

I am MJ Ray and I have not blogged for a week</bloggers-anonymous>

Sorry about that. Basically, it’s been hectic and I don’t want to write about some of the things that have been going on between the co-op and its clients (nothing bad for our co-op, don’t worry!), but I’ve one tip and one request which I’d like to write about now.

The tip: make disaster recovery plans! Have both a general set of principles and specific plans for any mission-critical services.

Think about reasonably common sources of problems and try to set policies to minimise the risk.

For example, would unauthorised access to your social media accounts be a problem? If so, teach your workers not to enter their usernames and passwords into sites linked from direct messages, like in the latest example.

For another example, do your workers have authentication details for your key servers? Plan what you will do about those passwords if a worker vanishes for a few days without warning after an argument at work.

The request: I’m meeting North Somerset Enterprise Agency about cooperatives and local strategic partnership representation – does anyone have tips or advice about this, please? If so, please leave me comments.

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