Elect MEPs for Freedom Now

Hi! I’ve been away, but as you might have seen from identi.ca, I’m back but busy.

You may remember from posts such as Reject the Term Extension Directive and Improved Telecom Package Passed by EuroParl that MEPs can influence FOSS laws in many ways, because a lot of our copyright and patent laws are international now. Last time around, I compiled euroVote: copyright and patents but I’ve not had time this year. Thankfully, others have summarised them.

Mote Prime: Technology: Letter to MEPs on Software Patents Legislation summarises positions on the old swpat chestnut. European Parliament elections, the Green Party and free stuff By tom introduces the Green position. VOTE 2009: Spot the difference – Lib Dem “shocked and angered” special: The Bristol Blogger shows me getting annoyed with the LibDems.

If you’re in the UK, you can look up your MEPs on the ORG EU Elections Site which looks pretty accurate to me.

Anywhere in Europe, you can try to find some MEPs on the Free Software Pact country listing.

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