Paypal and Ethical Business

DoctorMO is calling Paypal the Pocketing Police after this “Paypal […] decided we were scammers and took our money” comment by Daniel Stone during the Xorg foundation election discussions.

Our co-op has avoided Paypal for a number of years for two reasons:

  1. Paypal didn’t recognise UK company registration “numbers” that contain letters (like ours) for years after they first occurred, so we couldn’t register as a seller;
  2. the terms and conditions are very unequal, there are shedloads of complaints like and I don’t believe they’re all fiction.

We’ve not boycotted it yet because there are two of our current suppliers who are very expensive for us to pay by international bank transfer, accept Paypal and don’t offer much alternative. I think I’ll go ask them again. At least one of them should be sympathetic to Xorg.

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