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Fairtrade Fortnight 2010: Fairtrade and IT

We’re in the middle of Fairtrade Fortnight and it seems like the most advertised one yet, with Cadbury’s adverts joining the push of this year’s “big swap” theme: replace some of the stuff you’d usually buy with Fairtrade alternatives. For … Continue reading

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Monday Machine-Mangling Madness, or: Server2 on fire!

Bonfire Onlooker by dominicspics (cc-by) Of all the things I wanted to do yesterday, testing TTLLP’s disaster recovery plan was not one of them. I often suggest customers make disaster recovery plans, but I don’t like having to use them. … Continue reading

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Continuing Realtek 8139 Drop-out problems

Back in Solved but Why? Belkin F5D7630 to Realtek 8139 Drop-outs, I thought I’d cured my random 20+-second network hang problem, but I celebrated too soon. While that seemed to work for a while, it didn’t last. Those options also … Continue reading

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Solved but Why? Belkin F5D7630 to Realtek 8139 Drop-outs

I’d been having problems connecting my laptop to my router to the Phone Coop using a new network cable that I laid under the floor just after the new heating system was installed. It’s a 1970s building – cat-5 wasn’t … Continue reading

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