The Carbon Co-op: Vote for Social Innovation

I live in one of a cluster of a dozen or so houses. As far as I can tell, none of them have any micro-generation capability (I think one has working solar panels and one has defunct panels), but we have an electricity substation and a small patch of land fenced off next to it. I’ve heard it said that the power distribution company would be open to selling the land. Surely we could do something here, with the stronger sun (compared to the most of the UK anyway) and the blustery winds? If only there was some model for grouping together for microgeneration…

That’s what I understand as the idea behind the Carbon Co-op and I think it could make a difference. I’ve voted for it to be one of the ideas developed Friday 5th- Sunday 7th December 2008 at the Young Foundation, Bethnal Green, London (I may be in London one of those days). You can vote for it too, particularly if you’re interested in helping it happen too.

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