The co-operative difference

I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog and it’s mainly been because our co-op is busy, with the annual reports and tax returns to do as well as an increasing amount of client work. It seems that we’re not the only busy co-op:

“Last year, whilst the UK economy as a whole contracted by 4.9%, the co-operative economy grew by 15.8% to £33.5 billion. This is partly down to the success of The Co-operative Group, but also stems from the success of over 4,990 other co-operatives in the UK which have continued to thrive.”

— From Differences revealed in consumer views between PLCs and co-operatives | Co-operatives UK

Meanwhile, I’ve been testing out a couple of bits of software, including encrypted filesystems and new firmware for the FS-4400 Satellite PVR, which I could post about soon. We’ve developed some WordPress add-ons which I will package, release and announce. Finally, we’re attending a couple of events next week.

Busy times indeed!

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