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Stand up for your freedom to install free software

It’s been busy at our co-op but I’m never too busy to support calls for the freedom to install debian (or any other Free and Open Source Software Operating System) so I’ve signed the FSF-led public statement on so-called “Secure … Continue reading

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Six of the Best Podcasts?

I’m listening to quite a few podcasts recently. Here are my current favourites: Cyberunions which covers the tech/work crossover space and is appearing as Ogg near the start of most weeks. I reviewed an earlier episode and it’s kept on … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Bites Your Files?

A new comment on the Samsung N150 Ubuntu Netbook Remix reminded me that maybe I should post this here: I’ve just seen a report of lost files in a dual-boot Windows 7 situation. One suggestion is that you shouldn’t suspend … Continue reading

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#Debian and #KohaILS Conference Planning

This seems an active time for conference planning in two of the projects I like: KohaCon11 is being planned for Thane, India. Registrations are open and I’m helping to admin the conference system (OCS). If you’d like to talk, submissions … Continue reading

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Audio Processing Tips for ffmpeg

I did some sound file mangling earlier this week. I’ve been using the Bambuser app for Symbian recently to capture some recordings. If you tell their site your User-Agent is a mobile browser, it’ll work OK with free software – … Continue reading

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Reasons to use cat unnecessarily

Recently, I read on planet debian another rant along the lines of “why oh why do people use cat when they could just redirect from a file?” – but not that this is a new complaint from expert users. I’ve … Continue reading

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Hello Oslo, This is Emacs Calling

The Eurovision Song Contest has been and gone with a better-than-usual winner and much of the snarkiness was on microblog sites like this year. Search for #ESC, #eurovision or incomprehensibly-to-me #eurovison (no second i – is it spelt like … Continue reading

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Samsung N150 Netbook and Ubuntu Netbook Remix

That was a pretty good weekend. I set up someone’s new Samsung N150 netbook with Ubuntu Netbook Remix. If you like Windows, you might want to skip this long paragraph: the N150 came with Microsoft Windows 7 Starter. When I … Continue reading

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Debian Project Leader Election Campaign Round-up

I’ve been AWOL for most of the debian project leader election campaigns this year, but I still want to vote, so I’ve been dredging the emails on the last day. Maybe someone still has to vote and reads this, or … Continue reading

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Paypal and Ethical Business

DoctorMO is calling Paypal the Pocketing Police after this “Paypal […] decided we were scammers and took our money” comment by Daniel Stone during the Xorg foundation election discussions. Our co-op has avoided Paypal for a number of years for … Continue reading

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