SPI February 2010

The meeting agenda is already posted for tonight’s (Wednesday’s) SPI board IRC meeting which will be at 2000 UTC (an hour earlier than last month, back at usual time).

It’s another pretty lean meeting and I don’t know why. Last month’s comments suggested SPI needs better marketing, which has come up in the comments here before.

There’s a wish to switch the SPI website to git and ikiwiki which would allow more members to contribute. As I understand it, anyone can set up the git repository and ikiwiki, then announce it to spi-general (or spi-www) and start to port the website.

I’ll probably get there eventually (after porting Cooperatives-SW and NSCycle websites to django), but if you have a bit of time and would like to help this democratic free and open source software charity, please beat me to starting and tell me where to find your work!

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