SPI September 2009

Once again, the monthly board meeting of Software in the Public Interest will take place on irc.oftc.net #spi tonight (Wed 16 Sep) at 20:00 UTC. The meeting announcement was posted and there’s a proposal for an extra bank account and two projects up for association: Path64 and OSUNIX.

The big change for current members is the proposal for contributing membership expiry:

“Any contributing member who does not cast a ballot in an annual Board member election shall be considered to be inactive and downgraded to a non-contributing member.”

Yet another demonstration of how member ballots are not secret yet.

Even if they’re not secret like they should be, is it a good idea to feed the ballot data to the membership process? Should “Further Discussion” be added to the SPI board election, to give members a way to abstain? Should this dramatic change proposal be considered this meeting when it wasn’t mentioned in the meeting announcement?

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