Standing for Election to SPI Board Again

Software in the Public Interest is a US tax-exempt not-for-profit organisation that supports a number of free software projects that I like – including debian, GNUstep and drupal – and it’s one of the most open and democratic free software organisations in the world.

SPI’s next board meeting is today (Wednesday) at 1900 UTC on #spi and logs should appear here and on spi-general less than a day after. I’ve not seen a formal announcement yet, but I expect the agenda will appear here. (Update: the meeting has been postponed until after the election, but that wasn’t announced.) I’ve posted the log of the last board meeting and the log of the annual meeting to spi-general.

I’m standing for election to the board for the second time. My platform contains four main proposals:-

  1. Anonymise SPI votes – all votes are traceable at present
  2. More SPI news – including getting the official announcements out on time
  3. Consult members more – run a web panel, if members are interested
  4. Report on SPI performance – at least some annual report

and free software developers who have joined SPI (at no cost) can vote for me online.

If you’ve got any questions about my platform, please ask them here – or anywhere else that’s appropriate – and I’ll try to answer. I think it’s a much better platform because I learnt a lot from the last campaign, so I hope you’ll vote for me.

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