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Karoo Chooses to Start Three-Strikes

You may remember that I did some work last year campaigning against the “three strikes and you’re out” disconnect system, where suspected filesharers are disconnected from the internet after the third allegation is made. That’s allegation, not any sort of … Continue reading

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Reject the Term Extension Directive

One of the most frustrating things about Copyright Expansion is that it’s being driven through at international levels, far away from most of the people that it affects. When we try to contact our international representatives, such as national government … Continue reading

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Improved Telecom Package Passed by EuroParl

or “how did we do Batting Against Three Strikes through the Back Door?” In the latest EDRI-gram, there’s a report on the telecoms package EuroParl vote which is mostly positive. Thankfully both the Harbour and Trautmann reports were amended in … Continue reading

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