Reject the Term Extension Directive

One of the most frustrating things about Copyright Expansion is that it’s being driven through at international levels, far away from most of the people that it affects. When we try to contact our international representatives, such as national government ministers or officers, or Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), it usually takes me at least two attempts to convince them that I actually understand the issue that I fell they’re about to bodge.

So, here we go again:-

“The European Parliament is being asked to nearly double the term of copyright afforded to sound recordings. Industry lobbyists suggest that extending copyright term will help increase the welfare of performers and session musicians. But the Term Extension Directive, which will be voted on by the Legal Affairs Committee in a few weeks’ time, will do no such thing.”

Follow developments on EDRI’s Copyright page and Write to your MEP, like Stuart Langridge did. I’ll contact Neil Parish MEP directly and hopefully he’ll remember me, so I won’t have to do that “stop sending me copy-pasta from Malcolm Harbour” dance. I’ll also see if I can get nice responses out of the other parties this time.

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