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Respond to the European Consultation on Library RFID

As you may remember, our co-op is working on various RFID (radio tags instead of barcodes, basically) extensions for Koha. One of the main ethical concerns about RFID is privacy – if done wrong, it could become quite easy to … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Directory: In Public Between Non-Consenting Adults and Children

My communications connection According to the BBC, a mobile phone directory enquiry service launches today. If you’ve ever had a marketing call to your mobile, your number is probably on this database. It’s very difficult to remember to ask every … Continue reading

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Do Your Shop Photos Leak?

If you’ve set up an online shop, are your product photos saying more about you than you intended? “there’s a huge amount of potentially privacy-sensitive metadata in your typical JPEG as generated by your camera (including camera type, settings, date/time, … Continue reading

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