Annual Reports Finished for Now

So now our annual reports have been submitted. Despite the problems with the tax office mentioned in that article, it all seems to have come together just in time. In general, we’re in pretty good shape at the moment. I saw this in A Cambridge Co-operator: December and January’s Area Committee Meetings and I think it applies to us too:-

“It’s become slightly surreal how, when the rest of the economy seems to be in dire straights, the monthly figures that the area committee receives for each of the locally-accountable businesses seem to be largely unaffected. As worrying as the wider situation is, it appears that it has yet to really impact on our businesses. Let’s hope that the national enconomy improves before it does so…. “

Whether it’s because we’re cooperative or because small free software businesses are in good shape (Webconverger – well done!), I’m not too gloomy. Most of the time.

Thanks to all the members and associates who helped TTLLP in our year ending mid-2008! If you’ve not already had a copy, an annual report should be with you shortly. We’ll start work on the next one in a few months, aiming for publication in autumn 2009.

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