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Using at to Record DebConf Streams

While I enjoyed watching some of the DebConf 8 Video Team’s Excellent Service, not all of it was at convenient times for me, being several timezones away, so I used the following script to record some of the streams:- #!/bin/sh … Continue reading

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Gov.UK Consults on Forced ISP Snooping: Please Say NO

Argh! Our beloved leaders have just started a consultation on making it mandatory for internet service providers to keep email and web logs for a year and deliver them to local councils and police on request. Large ISPs have already … Continue reading

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MyDNS-NG May Solve “out of memory” Problem on OpenVZ

Nameservers are part of the basic infrastructure of the internet, translating names like into numbers like You really don’t want them to be completely unreachable because it breaks lots of things, so as well as the primary nameserver, … Continue reading

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SPI Meeting Announcement and Why People Don’t Join SPI

Jimmy Kaplowitz writes: “Software in the Public Interest, Inc., will hold a public board of directors meeting on Wednesday, August 20, 2008, 19:00 UTC. […] SPI meetings are held on the OFTC IRC network,, in #spi. […] Agenda“ A … Continue reading

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DebConf 8 Video Team Gives Excellent Service

DebConf, the annual Debian Conference, is held this year in Mar del Plata, Argentina. One sometimes-overlooked part of this is the brilliant video streaming service, with each stream supported by an IRC feedback channel including announcement of talks and events … Continue reading

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Don’t Attack Your Users

It seems to me like basic business common sense not to attack your software’s users, because they’re people who might fund your future development work, when they want some new feature adding or some adaptation making. We should hope that … Continue reading

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Is Yahoo Now Even Worse On Spam?

When working on mailservers, I’ve noticed that Yahoo’s mailservers seem to “punish” others by sending code 421 (service not available) for a few minutes for a first report of spam that originated from there, longer for a second report and … Continue reading

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RFID Security and Stability

While developing an RFID extension for the Koha library catalogue system over the last few months, I’ve learned a lot about I-Code tags and security systems, but I’ve not yet looked into Mifare, which is the other big RFID product … Continue reading

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Firefox 3 Online Banking List Updates and WordPress 2.6 Upgrades

Software Cooperative News has been upgraded to WordPress 2.6 (and other co-hosted sites too), the “subscribe to comments” plugin has been activated and all comments will be pre-moderated from now on. There’s a few more changes to come, but hopefully … Continue reading

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