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Critical Eye: Google, China, DNS and an Event

My Google Bugs page started off as a blog post back in 2006, but I’ve moved it to a more permanent home and started to bring it up to date. Recent additions include the China Controversy updated, a recent search … Continue reading

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Switched over to LLU and ADSL-2+

A couple of months ago, I switched over to ThePhoneCoop’s LLU package. The new service is good so far. The ADSL is blazingly fast (I wonder if it will remain so good) and the main drawbacks so far are a … Continue reading

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MyDNS-NG May Solve “out of memory” Problem on OpenVZ

Nameservers are part of the basic infrastructure of the internet, translating names like www.software.coop into numbers like You really don’t want them to be completely unreachable because it breaks lots of things, so as well as the primary nameserver, … Continue reading

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