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Youth Freedom and an IRC Q+A

Advertisers try to “get ’em young” to get them buying their wares from an early age. So why don’t we advertise freedom at young people more? The younger we make them aware of freedom, the more time they’ll spend defending … Continue reading

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Stop Software Patents

Today is the World Day Against Software Patents – 24 September. If you’ve not already signed the petition, go do it now, please. Especially if you’re in Europe, but also if you’re in the US or other swpat-suffering nation. Programs … Continue reading

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Lots of Days: Software Freedom, British Food and World Peace

Today is Software Freedom Day. It is also the start of British Food Fortnight. (Tip to total coverage cooperative.) There is an open day 11-3 at Thatchers Cider, near here in Sandford. (To get there from Worle by bike, leave … Continue reading

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Would a Real Free Software Developer Group Bite Apple Like FSF Did?

I’ve been installing free software for library cataloguing onto Apples recently. It’s not been great (GNU/Linux is still easier and faster, in my opinion) but it has worked much better than older Macs. As well as making servers that are … Continue reading

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