Day Against DRM, 4 May 2010

Today is the Day Against DRM, working against Digital Restrictions Management or Technological Protection Measures (TPM). I’ve two tips to help with our public disservice British Broadcasting Corporation which has consistently failed to act in the public interest and reject DRM:

  1. If you want to link to a BBC radio show like Global Business, you can often get mp3 and avoid Flash-forcing DRM-wannabe iPlayer (and cool toys like get_iplayer) by using BBC Mobile’s Podcasts Index.
  2. Satellite TV broadcasts can be captured as MP2 by MythTV or even 50-quid black box home entertainment devices. The DRM-free file can be played back on a computer with mplayer -demuxer +mpegts or re-encoded for other devices with mencoder.

What DRM-avoiding tips would you give?

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