Dump the Disconnect Law!

After all the U-turns by politicians, I got confused about how Three Strikes is developing. I think the current status is Mandelson trying to sneak it through as a Statutory Instrument and protect some of the most protectionist foreign interests ever seen. I’ve written to my MP to express my disagreement.

Andrew Heaney of TalkTalk has submitted a petition “to abolish the proposed law that will see alleged illegal filesharers disconnected from their broadband connections, without a fair trial”. It’s not worded brilliantly, but it covers the vital point – without a fair trial – so I think it’s still worth signing here. Thanks to Glyn Wintle for the updates on fsfe-uk.

Meanwhile, unaccountable copyright collections agent PPL have picked the ideal moment to start harassing local community events. Please give generously: EMI only earned £298,000,000 last year.

If you’ve a bit more time, you could send a Message To Mandelson at ORG. I might not agree with ORG’s structure, but they do make some cool protest sites. (Javascript required to view, as far as I can tell.)

Even more flamboyantly, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is calling on people to phone up and Stop the Pirate-Finder General!

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