Misleading the Public: BT and Windmill Opponents

The Advertising Standards Agency provides an RDF Site Summary (RSS) feed of their decisions, which seems to be updated more-or-less weekly. It can be an interesting way to keep informed about which companies are making misleading claims and why.

One of BT’s internet adverts just got banned for a whole range of reasons, including truthfulness, substantiation, failing to name clearly the services that form the basis of comparison and also failing to differences between services. “The ads must not appear again”

I’ve not trusted BT’s claims for a while – they assured me many months ago that they’d stop junk-mailing us and they still haven’t. I’m glad I’m with ThePhoneCoop.

On another note, I spotted ASA adjudications on FLAT and BLEW anti-windmill campaign ads recently. Now they really seem to be full of hot air. I can understand why the Severn tidal power projects are controversial, but has anyone ever seen “paths littered with dead and dying birds” around a windmill?

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