Switched over to LLU and ADSL-2+

A couple of months ago, I switched over to ThePhoneCoop’s LLU package. The new service is good so far. The ADSL is blazingly fast (I wonder if it will remain so good) and the main drawbacks so far are a lack of reverse DNS (currently escalating that one up through tech support) and a slightly noisy dialling tone on the phone. I was initially switched to a dynamic IP address (which was a change I wasn’t told about in advance), but got a static on request so we could restrict the VPNs a bit more.

As usual, LUGgers were a source of help when it looked like going a bit wrong. Thanks to oddbloke for positive feedback about Buffalo routers (they work fine with OpenWRT, but not tried ADSL). Big thanks to Noodles for pointing out that the Buffalo router I linked wasn’t an ADSL router, despite being listed as such, that the only ADSL chipset to have full open source support is the AR7 (but the wifi is dodgy) and that the Broadcom chipsets have 2.6 support but maybe with a binary blob.

I’m still not sure if a new router is necessary. The infernal Belkin seems to be working, but it’s disconnecting and rebooting a lot more often. I seem to be on the TalkTalk/CPW network – anyone know of problems with Belkin routers? I’ve not seen anything yet.

Also, who else has unbundled and how was it for you?

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