New Years Resolution: Avoid These Bad Ideas?

I’m not a big new year resolution maker (new year is just a side-effect of a calendaring system), but if you are, I suggest the following resolutions to avoid three bad ideas:

  1. Change your passwords and do not set it to the ship number for the Starship Enterprise, or any other of The Top 500 Worst Passwords of All Time – if you’re a sysadmin, make sure you are comparing user passwords against these sort of lists;
  2. Fight against cinema-style ratings for web-sites and the “campaign against free speech [because of] a wider public interest” which that implies;
  3. (Debian developers) Vote against the proposal for “future GRs would need 30 other [DDs, not people – the proposal is wrong] to support” because “There seems little rationale to support it. The more I’ve looked, the more places I’ve not found evidence for such a large seconding requirement and I know a few anecdotes about raising numbers too high and accidentally killing an organisation…”

Happy New Year!

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